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Deaf Active,
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Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthFit

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,681,565

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Caterpillar Club St Helens £18,576 This existing two-year project aims to deliver a range of social activities to young people aged 14-21 with additional needs (moderate to severe learning difficulties affecting communication, plus medical and physical needs) and their family members. The project responds to the lack of opportunities for these young people’s social development and will enable them to have fun, resulting in improving their social lives and life skills. Siblings will also benefit as they will be able to socialise with other young carers. Sessions will take place at least once a week and will include activities such as pizza-making, archery, canoeing, trampolining, dance/exercise, horse riding, autism-friendly theatre trips and a short residential activity once a year.
Symbiont CIC Sefton £26,854 This new two-year project in Sefton aims to deliver fortnightly sessions for both young people with specific Learning Difficulties and their family members, to address a lack of relevant support and information, which can result in negative behaviours, social isolation and stigma. Young people will participate in fun and positive activities e.g. autism-friendly film screenings, craft workshops and visits to libraries and sports centres, facilitated by professionals. At the same time, parents/carers and siblings will benefit from social and peer support sessions which may include talks from relevant professionals, benefit advice sessions and anger management. There will also be four celebration events per year, to involve the wider community.
Independence Initiative Ltd Bootle £40,049 This new two-year project in Bootle seeks to establish a weekly mutual support meeting, enabling people in recovery from alcohol misuse to build connections and find and offer support to stabilise recovery. Participants will develop further activities in the community as the project progresses. The project will be led by participants with the view of becoming fully independent by the end of the grant.
People First Merseyside Company Limited Liverpool £34,715 This new two-year project is to set up a social peer support group, run by and for people with Learning Disabilities living in Liverpool and South Sefton. The group will design and plan their own programme of activities, and will provide peer support and skill building to others with Learning disabilities. The project, which will be open to adults with learning disabilities living in Merseyside, aims to give people a chance to be more independent, make new friends, try new things, get out and about and feel part of their neighbourhood or city and learn new skills, for example using the bus or ordering a meal.
Squash Nutrition Liverpool £49,806 This new two-year idea within an existing project is to take community food growing out onto Windsor Street in Toxteth to create a visible edible landscape for all local residents while helping reduce social and emotional isolation. It has been developed by a local steering committee over the past 9 months who have already established three successful community food gardens pilots in the area. The aim is to provide opportunities for neighbours to work together to make a positive difference to their local environment, to teach people to grow and cook food and to create an inspirational model of community urban growing.
Amy and Friends Wallasey £23,741 This two-year project is the continuation of an existing idea to provide twice-weekly group sessions for siblings of children living with a severely life affecting illness or have passed away, living around the town of Wallasey. The group sessions provide a place for siblings to gain respite, meet and socialise with others and provide support to their peers. It will also deliver a week-day drop-in service for children and their families, offering advice, support and signposting to local services. The project will be user-led, with participants taking ownership of the development of activities and the planning of sessions and community events in the local area.
Homebaked Community Land Trust CIC Anfield £45,000

This new two-year project in Anfield, will develop work already undertaken by 30 local residents to make a former recreation ground economically productive. 'The Rec' will be transformed into a new co-operative social enterprise 'HomeFarm', a growing facility holding weekly food growing activities for local residents.

Granby Four Streets CLT Ltd Granby £37,880 This new 18-month project aims to establish a year-round space for gardening and skills sharing for the residents of Granby. The project will take place at the Winter Garden, two derelict terraced houses which have been renovated to form a community space. Residents will establish, develop and maintain the garden. They will meet on a weekly basis to strengthen social networks and share skills within the community. Local people will also lead and shape the project; overseeing the use of resources and planning regular activities, monthly family-focused gathering and celebratory community events. 
Happy Times Activities Ltd Wirral £19,320 This two-year project will extend 'Quiet Times', an existing idea currently funded by the Trust. This project provides sessions for adults with a range of disabilities from the Wirral area to meet up weekly for user-led tailored activities, involving gentle yogic based movements, sensory activities and relaxation. 
Wirral Society of The Blind and Partially Sighted Birkenhead £18,491 This 18-month project is a new idea that has been developed by older people with sight loss living in Birkenhead, Merseyside. It will deliver IT training sessions and provide access to IT equipment that has been adapted for people with sight impairments, aiming to develop key skills, provide space for shared learning and help older people in the area to gain confidence and independence by increasing their computer literacy. The project will train and support participants to become IT Champions and take over the leadership of sessions as the project progresses. Participants will also be able to shape the project via working with the IT tutor to plan course content, regular focus groups and a project committee. 
Women's Enterprising Breakthrough Birkenhead £37,203 This existing two-year project aims to train volunteers to support the reinstating of a popular weekly drop-in session for women living in a neighbourhood of Birkenhead, providing a range of therapeutic, arts, crafts and holistic activities as well as training and opportunities for social outings. The drop-in aims to reduce the isolation experienced by local women through providing a space for them to meet, learn new things, get support and have fun.  
Deaf Active Old Swan, Liverpool £31,496 This new two-year project builds on existing activities and aims to deliver a comprehensive programme of largely physical activities at The Joseph Lappin Centre in Old Swan, an inner city area of Liverpool. The project will be planned and delivered by deaf people, with sessions open to all deaf people across Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley, along with some of the general population from those areas. Activities will range from line dancing and Zumba to martial arts and street dancing.
Bootle and Sefton Play Council

Netherton Park


This two-year project taking place in Netherton Park, Merseyside is based on a pilot scheme. It aims to enable residents to become active members of their local community by engaging in a Forest School development project. Forest schools involve participants in practical tasks in the natural environment such as woodcraft, coppicing and planting for educational, therapeutic and leisure purposes. Members will design and develop a forest school site transforming a piece of underdeveloped land in their community to use if for the facilitation of forest school sessions.

Safe Regeneration Ltd  Bootle £30,460  This new two-year project will provide volunteering and training for local people to contribute to a community-led regeneration scheme leading to employment. The project will provide opportunities for training/volunteering through existing provision such as gardening/growing, clean up/furniture renovation/creation projects and creative activities.
Sutton Manor Active Community Hub  Sutton Manor £21,222

This new one-year project will set up a youth centre for 7-11-year-olds from Sutton Manor in Merseyside operating twice a week. A youth council will be set up to organise and run the centre under the supervision of youth workers, the trustees of the charity and volunteers. Parents will also be invited as well as older teens that have been identified as positive role models in the community. The youth centre is needed as there is now no council-led youth provision in the area.

B.A.P.T.A (Clock Community Centre) Everton  £12,480

This new 12-month project aims to deliver holistic therapies, exercise activities and a healthy eating lunch club for mainly elderly and isolated residents in the Everton area. It has no paid staff and is intending to use volunteers and freelance specialists to deliver the sessions. The intention is to raise people’s wellbeing through exercise and learn healthy recipes on a budget through the lunch club. A key outcome expressed is to have a social aspect to the project in order to increase social networks.

Granby Somali Women's Group  Princes Park Ward £36,648

This new 24-month project aims to deliver a weekly Somali dance project for Somali, BAME and White women (aged 18+) resident in the Princes Park ward of Liverpool. The project will focus on issues related to social or emotional isolation, general community and neighbourhood work and gender.

Leighbridge JFC Kensington, Wavertree and Edge Hill  £8,578

This 12-month project aims to deliver new summer football sessions with tournaments and weekly winter season sessions (linked to existing provision) for girls and boys from the Kensington, Wavertree and Edge Hill areas of Liverpool. The project will focus on issues related to general community and neighbourhood work, risk of offending and poor physical environment.

Sefton OPERA Older Persons Enabling Resource and Action Sefton  £20,585

This existing two-year project aims to deliver tea dances and other activities including trips to places of interest, to older people in Bootle, a coastal town in the Borough of in Sefton. The project will deliver general community and neighbourhood work and address issues of age and social or emotional isolation.   

Tunza's Pride St Helens £11,150

This new 15-month project aims to deliver a programme of activities in the form of an after school family club, to encourage families to become more active together. The project will be based in St Helens and addresses issues of; general community and neighbourhood work, social or emotional isolation, and low educational attainment or at risk of poor educational attainment.

Brighter Living Partnership Southport £39,640 This new two-year project aims to increase the involvement of the community in local decision making and service delivery through the provision of a community bus and regular steering group meetings with local service providers to discuss the planning and delivery of local services.
Croxteth and Gilmoss Community Council Croxteth £35,598 This new two-year project aims to establish a daily drop-in provision and offer a range of services and activities for local residents.
Dovecot Neighbourhood
Council (DNC)
Dovecot £29,852 This is a new 18-month project aiming to deliver a programme of collaborative sessions between young people and old people in the Dovecot area that will document stories and histories of local people culminating in a play, a short film and exhibitions.
Jus Kidz Knowsley £42,677 This new two-year project aims to provide an after-school club for disabled children and young people and their siblings (over the age of eight).
Netherton Park Community Association Netherton Park £37,857 This new two-year project aims to develop a community volunteering project reaching out to local people facing mounting debt and money management problems.
Squash Nutrition Toxteth £44,124 This new two-year project aims to establish a community garden café at a site which was formerly a pub car park, and which over the past 18 months has been developed into a community garden.
Happy Times Activities Ltd Birkenhead £14,380 This new one-year project seeks to expand the work of the previous Happy Times sessions by delivering Quiet Times sessions, providing relaxation and calming activities for adults with additional needs (mainly with mental health and learning difficulties).
Liverpool 6
Community Association
Everton £38,772 This existing project will continue to run for another two years in one of the most deprived areas in Liverpool. The group will employ a co-ordinator to manage volunteers and lead on providing a range of social and learning activities on a weekly basis to members of the local community, particularly the isolated and the elderly, such as IT skills sessions, exercise classes and lunch clubs.
North Birkenhead Development Trust Birkenhead £16,910 This 18-month project builds on existing work. Through regular craft and Meet & Eat sessions the project will create social circles bringing together those who are isolated or new to the area.
West Everton
West Everton £41,139 This new two-year project develops work already undertaken by the applicant and will provide a diverse programme of activities and services at a community centre.
Woodlands Community Centre Ltd Netherley £35,573 This two-year project builds on and extends the applicant's current provision of children's activities. The project will provide a safe space where children can engage in indoor and outdoor enriched play. It will be based in the Netherley area of Liverpool
Speke Training & Education Centre Ltd Bell Vale Ward £49,000 To engage with members of the Bell Vale ward community of Liverpool in activities that will promote health, reduce poverty and embed essential digital skills to underpin community sustainability. 
Action for Achievement Sparrow Hall Estate, Fazakerley £35,000 To maximise the use of St George's Hall located on the Sparrow Hall estate by increasing its current activities to five days a week and delivering special projects on the weekend. Proposed activities include an after school club, weekend drama programmes, accredited volunteering, young people gardening for the elderly, social evenings and trips.
Fazakerley Community Federation (FCF) Fazakerley £23,666 To run beginners' classes and taster sessions for over 50's in Tai Chi, yoga, keep fit including chair based exercise, men's healthy lifestyle club and craft which will be run in Fazakerley Community Centre and Community Sports Pavilion
Friends of Princes Park Princes Park £14,232 To work with residents to create a mound that houses a circle of tree trunks ('henge'), with furniture formed out of tree trunks, giving people a safe space to relax, enjoy and hang out at the Princes Park.
St Cyril's Children
& Youth Project
Naylorsfield, Liverpool £48,112 The project will deliver two strands of activity over two years: 1) continuation of existing play scheme sessions for children and young people and 2) a new neighbourhood outreach scheme encouraging intergenerational work between the young people and isolated elderly residents.
The Friends of The
Shining Lights Centre
St Helens £7,560 To deliver weekly roller sports for young people aged 6-14 and their families in Sutton Manor (St. Helens). Activities will include roller discos, roller hockey and a roller derby and will take place at the local community centre.
The New Belve Youth and Community Sports Centre Ltd Toxteth £29,023 To build on a current community lunch club by offering a range of activities including arts, craft, computing, gardening, bingo and tea dances for local residents of Dingle Toxteth, Liverpool
Writing on the Wall Liverpool £24,338 To deliver weekly workshops, field trips, visits from experienced writers and showcase opportunities to 15 young people (aged 14-22) from the L8 area of Liverpool, the majority of whom will attend the project weekly.
The Breckfield HIM Project (Health Inclusion for Men) Everton, Anfield and Kirkdale £24,800 To engage 90 hard to reach men from Everton, Anfield and Kirkdale wards to play an active part in the programme and wider community programmes, reducing isolation and developing skills and confidence.
Brunswick Youth and Community Centre Bootle £15,800 To teach 10 local residents and volunteers in the Linacre ward of Bootle to grow and maintain flowers and food on a train station embankment and other public areas in the community.
Deaf Active Old Swan, Liverpool £24,104 To deliver sporting activities to disadvantaged children and young people aged 5 - 19 from the Old Swan area of Liverpool.
Halewood Arts Association Halewood £20,629 To hold weekly writing, painting and drawing, environmental arts workshops, and nature activities for 25 older people living in sheltered accommodation in 'The Three Tower Blocks' in Halewood.
Healing Space Liverpool Ltd Old Swan, Liverpool £9,140 To deliver a year-long programme of weekly workshops where 32 beneficiaries with less severe mental health problems such as mild depression will learn to bake bread and cook healthy nutritious meals and have lunch together.
Come alive at 55 Speke, Garston £12,520 To support 20 older people in Speke Garston ward to stay fit and active through 'grow your own' activities at a community garden.
Knowsley Challenge Club Knowsley £20,896 To extend the service the club provides to disabled young people. The project will enable the club to give an extra two hours of coaching at Kirkby Track and link with a new special school (Bluebell Park) which has been built next to the track. It will provide a full athletics programme to 45 disabled young people from the school and local community over 18 months.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Jigsaw Dance Liverpool £8,651 Provide a 40 week, three hours a week programme of active and engaging dance workshops for adults with learning disabilities.
Greenbank Cycling Club Liverpool £10,000 Develop activities for people with disabilities and their families through cycling. The project will deliver one, two-hour cycling session per week over 45 weeks.
Porchfield Community Association Croxteth £9,890 Develop a programme of health-related activities including chair-based exercises and classes for 100 elderly and disabled people.
Southdene Neighbourhood
Southdene £5,400 Transform wasteland into community allotments for use by local residents and provide training and support to improve inclusion and mental health
Hughes Shorai St Helens £5,300 Provide a bi-weekly community club offering a variety of fitness activities to support women and girls who may be conscious about participating alongside men.
P.E.R.T.H Community Centre St Helens £5,012  
ARCH Under the Bridge Ltd   £9,907 Deliver computer and allotment sessions to people who are identified as being retired, bereaved and on low income.
PLC Activities Club   £10,000 The one-year project will provide health education to 100 people including young people, older people and people with long-term health difficulties.
St Cyril's Children and Youth Project Naylorsfield, Liverpool £8,251 Provide free opportunities for children to improve their fitness and health over a year through regular swimming lessons, climbing, and weekend trips.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Sustrans   £112,000 The project will bring people together, reduce social isolation and help people feel safer
Youth Sport Trust   £37,500 The project will work with schools and colleges to build confidence, support learning and improve the quality of life of young people under the age of 19.
The Conservation Volunteers   £27,932 Offer outdoor physical activity and participation in community-based environmental projects as part of an active group taking part in outdoor tasks.
Mencap   £31,030 Extend the Gateway Club network and Gateway Awards programme and help to improve the health, well-being and social inclusion of young adults.
Youth Sport Trust   £40,579 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools
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